• Citibiking (Continued) September 21, 2021
    I have written about my love for NYC’s Citibike service many times. This will be one more. Yesterday I left the USV office at the end of the day and hopped onto a Citibike E-Bike at the brand new kiosk that has been installed in the “no cars” section of Broadway between 23rd and 21st. […]
    Fred Wilson
  • Blinking September 20, 2021
    Back in 2005 Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Blink that was about how our subconscious allows us to make fast decisions that are often as good or better than slow considered decisions. I was talking to someone yesterday evening about how the venture capital business has changed over the last decade and I explained […]
    Fred Wilson
  • Funding Friday: Honk NYC! 2021 September 17, 2021
    I just backed this project to support a festival of street musicians in NYC in late October. Street bands have been picking up the slack for the last year in NYC, performing for outside diners and more throughout the city. This festival celebrates them and puts them front and center. Email readers can see the […]
    Fred Wilson