Announcement Date: March 13, 2017

Day 1

The National Incubation Center held the First Cohort Orientation Session on 13th March 2017. The main speakers at this session included several influential personalities such as Aamir Ibrahim (CEO, Jazz), Parvez Abbasi (Co founder, Teamup), Jehan Ara (President, P@SHA), Saad Hamid (Digital Evangelist), Badar Khushnood (CEO, Bramerz), Salman Wasay (Couch Potato) and Mian Talha Nasruddin (Head Of Digital Channels & Partnerships, Jazz). The speakers delivered inspirational speeches to the all the selected startups, about how the NIC would take their ideas and allow them a breathing chance on the global scale. They also discussed data driven strategies and the role of user experience for product success. There was also an open discussion session on “Connecting Leadership Dots to Scale Your Impact”. There was also a discussion on market research, and Badar Khushnood also related his experience in industry and working with startups.

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