Announcement Date: May 5, 2017

The Digital Youth Summit event was held in Peshawar. This event was sponsored by our partner, Jazz. It was an event of immense significance which involved various influential personalities in the startup industry such as Parvez Abbasi, Project Director NIC, Mian Talha Nasruddin, Head Jazz xlr8, Jehan Ara, President P@SHA, Kalsoom Lakhani, CEO Invest2Innovate (i2i) and Khurram Zafar, Executive Director LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship. Many important entrepreneurs from major companies provided inspiration for our startups and talked to them about the recent expansion of incubators and accelerators across Pakistan. They also had a really insightful discussion with the audience about the amazing prospects that the new digital world had to offer. 7 startups from the National Incubation Center also took part in the event and delivered pitches to introduce their product to the audience. These startups included MadHunt, Anzen, Lets Innovate (Helli), Mapalytics, Chefling Tales, RiseMom and GetPayAd.