Teamup is an incubation and acceleration platform working with young entrepreneurs and startups. Teamup is also the delivery partner of the National Incubation Center program along with Jazz. It’s an organization deeply invested in youth empowerment and providing consultancy and advisory services to the corporate and development sector. Teamup has the following companies in its portfolio:

Zouhair Khaliq

is a business executive with global experience in telecom & technology with deep experience in Board strategy, operations, startups, turnarounds, M&A, mobile money, micro-finance and real estate. He is Managing Partner Teamup Ventures, Co-Founder & Partner at Teamup, and Managing Partner at ICE Advisory LLP. He holds a portfolio of Advisory & Non-Executive Board positions. He has worked with Orascom Telecom Holdings, the GSM Association, Gemini Holdings (Sawiris Family Office), Motorola UK, Dhabi Group, Millicom International, the ICI Group and PWC. Zouhair was a key part of the launch team at Mobilink in 1993-96. As CEO, June 2003-08, he led Mobilink to be the largest mobile operator and the largest private sector company in the country and amongst the top 5 fastest growing mobile companies in the region.

Parvez Abbasi

is a telecom veteran with diverse experience in corporate, strategic, operational and entrepreneurship. He has more than 25 years of experience stretching across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Parvez was the founding director and Chief executive of Mobile zone the largest mobile phone handset distributor in Pakistan. Prior to establishing Mobile Zone, Parvez was a founding member and director at Mobilink where he was responsible for all commercial activities of the company

TeamUp benefits from the support and participation of the best mentors with international exposure, ranging from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to industry experts. We benefit from access to industry professionals from the same background including the Engineering, Business, Medical, and Design domains. We have a large network of experts in a wide range of industries and functions who help founders with everything from pricing models and marketing to consulting and sales.

Team up provide founders with guidance and advice based on your specific needs through calls, training sessions, and informal meetings. You will not only gain access to their unique networks, but also be provided the guidance you need to start your company off on the right track.

We are supported through foundation grants and corporate partnerships and take a small share of equity in our companies.

The teamup startup fund has deployed large amount on several startups. The Fund supports more than a third of startup companies and this number continues to grow at an impressive rate. The uncapped Fund is open to teamup founders who are fundraising ad invests a handsome amount when the company meets as set of objective. Companies must raise a round of minimum number which will be decided case to case basis, of which a predefined fee must be for professional investors.

Teamup founders tackle big problems in every industry, from biotech, medical device, hardware, cleantech, and non-profit to consumer and enterprise IT. Companies have entered the program at a variety of stages, from having recently developed an initial prototype to having raised a Series A..

We will host events where our network of investors and press contacts come to hear our companies pitch. These events will be attended by investors and press from leading publications like pro Pakistan, and more. Prior to each Demo Day, our staff and mentors work with each company extensively to refine their pitches. Throughout the session we provide access to numerous top-tier investors, angels, corporate representatives, and press. This is essential for fundraising, publicity, and corporate partnerships.