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  • Extra Crunch roundup: How Duolingo became an edtech leader May 7, 2021
    The pandemic has just pushed edtech mainstream, but language-learning startup Duolingo had already spent the past decade figuring out how to build a successful edtech app. In our latest installment of the EC-1 series, Natasha Mascarenhas goes deep with the company to understand how it found product-market fit, then figured out how to grow like […]
    Annie Siebert
  • To buy time for a failing startup, recreate the engineering process May 7, 2021
    The drastic approach I took to recovering our company is often referred to as a “full reset" -- the old company is essentially annihilated and a new company is formed from the remaining pieces.
    Annie Siebert
  • Tiger Global is betting that more schools are going to share future student earnings May 7, 2021
    Income-share agreements, or ISAs, are a way to bring flexibility to the often steep financial costs of higher education. The financial model allows a student to learn at zero upfront cost, and then pay any costs through a percentage of future income over time. While the model has caught fire from a variety of trade […]
    Natasha Mascarenhas

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  • Metafy adds $5.5M to its seed round as the market for games coaching grows May 6, 2021
    This morning Metafy, a distributed startup building a marketplace to match gamers with instructors, announced that it has closed an additional $5.5 million to its $3.15 million seed round. Call it a seed-2, seed-extension or merely a baby Series A; Forerunner Ventures, DCM and Seven Seven Six led the round as a trio. Metafy’s model […]
    Alex Wilhelm
  • How much product room will fintech giants leave for startups? May 6, 2021
    This morning, we'll examine the buy now, pay later (BNPL) market, mostly through the lens of PayPal's first-quarter results.
    Alex Wilhelm
  • Lightmatter’s photonic AI ambitions light up an $80M B round May 6, 2021
    AI is fundamental to many products and services today, but its hunger for data and computing cycles is bottomless. Lightmatter plans to leapfrog Moore’s law with its ultra-fast photonic chips specialized for AI work, and with a new $80 million round, the company is poised to take its light-powered computing to market. We first covered […]
    Devin Coldewey


  • Funding Friday: Pattern Alphabet cards for exploring nature May 7, 2021
    Longtime AVC reader Alex Wolf has a Kickstarter project that I think is awesome. She has long been working on a “pattern alphabet” to encode the patterns of nature and life. This project turns this alphabet into cards that can be used by kids in school and at home to learn. I backed the project […]
    Fred Wilson
  • Typos May 6, 2021
    Yesterday’s post has this line in it: I suspect all buy maybe two of those eleven funds have outperformed the public markets As you can see, there is a typo there. “buy” should be “but” A number of readers let me know about the typo, which I very much appreciate. But for some reason, I […]
    Fred Wilson
  • Half Of All VCs Beat The Stock Market May 5, 2021
    There has been this narrative about investing in VC funds that you have to get into the top quartile (25%) or possibly the top decile (10%) in order to generate good returns. I have heard that for as long as I have been in VC and probably have written it here a few times. Well, […]
    Fred Wilson