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  • The pendulum will swing away from founder-friendly venture raises April 3, 2020
    After picking through some COVID-19-focused PitchBook data this morning, it's clear that the era of founder friendly venture terms is heading for a reset.
    Alex Wilhelm
  • Nordic challenger bank Lunar adds €20M to its Series B April 3, 2020
    Lunar, the Nordic challenger bank that started out life as a personal finance manager app (PFM) but since acquired a full banking license last year, has extended it Series B round with an additional €20 million in funding. It brings the Series B total to €46 million, having disclosed €26 million in August last year. […]
    Steve O'Hear
  • How 6 top VCs are adapting to the new uncertainty April 2, 2020
    As the global economy grinds to a halt, every business sector has been impacted, including the linked worlds of startups and venture capital. But how much has really changed? If you read VC Twitter, you might think that nothing has changed at all. It’s not hard to find investors who say they are still cutting […]
    Arman Tabatabai


  • The SoundCloud Stimulus Plan April 2, 2020
    As Billboard is reporting this morning, our portfolio company SoundCloud is putting up $15mm to support its creator community in this difficult time for musicians. Musicians can’t tour right now. That’s a huge part of their earnings. Many are turning to live streaming and I hope that will turn into real money for them. But […]
    Fred Wilson
  • An Emergency Response Startup Story April 1, 2020
    My friend Matt Blumberg, who ran USV’s former portfolio company Return Path for twenty years before selling it last spring, got a call from Colorado’s Governor Polis two and half weeks ago asking him to fly out and be the founding leader of an innovation startup to help Colorado’s Covid 19 response. A large part […]
    Fred Wilson
  • Drones – A Socially Distant Way To Get Work Done March 31, 2020
    If you have a roof that needs to be inspected but you don’t want people crawling all over your house right now, if you have mission-critical infrastructure that needs to have its regular inspection done but you don’t want third parties in your environment right now, if you want to have your facade inspected but […]
    Fred Wilson