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  • Lumity raises $19M to simplify employee health care choices August 23, 2017
     As companies get bigger and bigger, their needs are going to change — including, probably most importantly, their options for health care as their employee base expands and the costs of those plans start to balloon. But the end result is that employees could be presented with a confusing set of plans to pick from […]
    Matthew Lynley
  • Match Group tried to acquire Bumble for $450 million August 23, 2017
     Match Group, the parent company of a variety of dating apps, offered to acquire Bumble for $450 million over the summer, according to sources close to the deal. A source close to the company suggests that Bumble is valued at over $1 billion. The sources independently confirm reporting from Forbes about the deal earlier this […]
    Fitz Tepper
  • Urban farming incubator Square Roots raises $5.4M August 23, 2017
     Square Roots isn’t your normal startup incubator. Sure, the people who participate are entrepreneurs — but instead of sitting at desks building new gadgets or smartphone apps, they’re growing food in hydroponic farms housed inside long, metal containers. Founded by executive chairman Kimbal Musk (brother of Elon Musk, and board member at SpaceX, Tesla and […]
    Anthony Ha

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  • Microsatellite radar imaging startup raises $13M to launch new constellation August 23, 2017
     Finland-based ICEYE is launching a constellation of microsatellites with the aim of helping provide a view from space where traditional imaging cannot, with images delivered within a few hours using a technology that is typically very expensive and difficult to deploy. The startup uses something called synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) to observe Earth even through clouds […]
    Darrell Etherington
  • Here is Uber’s first pitch deck August 23, 2017
     On the ninth anniversary of the founding of Uber, its co-founder Garrett Camp shared the company’s initial pitch deck via a personal Medium post. The deck, and the short post, comes off quite sentimental because of how much has happened to the company since it was created. But company growth and drama aside, there’s a lot […]
    John Mannes
  • This 23-year-old just closed her second fund — which is focused on aging — with $22 million August 22, 2017
     Laura Deming is not your typical venture capitalist. Then again, she isn’t typical in many ways. For starters, the 23-year-old, New Zealand native was home schooled, developing along the way a love of math and physics and, perhaps most interestingly, the biology of aging. We caught up with Deming to learn more about her path […]
    Connie Loizos


  • Resource Constraints August 23, 2017
    Most of the companies I work with tell me that they are resource constrained and do not have enough capital and engineers to do everything they want to do. I tell them that is a blessing not a curse. They look at me like I am crazy and rationalize it as me being an investor […]
    Fred Wilson
  • Go Back To School With Quizlet August 22, 2017
    If you or someone in your family is going back to school in the next few weeks, I strongly suggest putting the Quizlet mobile app on your/their phone as part of the back to school preparation process. Quizlet (a USV portfolio company) has a bunch of new stuff for its existing and new users this back […]
    Fred Wilson
  • Sunblock August 21, 2017
    From roughly 1pm ET to roughly 3pm ET today there will be an eclipse of the Sun by the Moon over the US. I like this map which shows when and where the eclipse will take place: I spent a half hour this morning on the Internet and learned everything I wanted to know about […]
    Fred Wilson