Announcement Date: February 25, 2017

At 4YFN Barcelona, Jazz xlr8 and National Incubation Center represented Pakistan this year. Jazz xlr8 promoted technology ecosystem. Its launch was sponsored by the leading teams of Ministry of IT & Telecom, National ICT R&D Fund, Jazz & Team up. 4YFN was an interacting platform of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona. The aim of the event was to create a gathering of startups, investors, corporations and public institutions where they could interact with one and other so that they could learn and launch new programs. This gathering also offered interfacing activities such as specialized capacities training areas, congresses, development programs open to everyone and administration exercises. NIC was introduced by Mrs Anusha Rehman on behalf of the IT industry and was linked directly to Jazz xlr8. The company hoped to provide forty new businesses with access to free work space and the Jazz xlr8 program.

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